2017 / Packaging Design, Structure Design
Branding, Graphic Design


Safety and strong e-commerce packaging to ukulele

The competition between online stores is increasing and we need a new product to stand out from a number of competitors. My project partner and I focused on the ukulele instrument, which needs high-quality protection to prevent damage.

The final result is the e-commerce package which has an additional enclosure inside which keeps the ukulele in its place. The packaging utilizes design re-use and also functions as a carrying case. In the inside of the package, there are the common ukulele chords which make it easier to learn to play the ukulele.

Project with: Kitty von Schantz

The project was made in cooperation with StoraEnso company using materials provided by the company.

Photos: Sami Taberman

studiokuvat 2.jpg
ukulele studio kuva1.jpg
ukulele standi studio.jpg

A strong cardboard is good material for different ideas. We also noticed how well it works as an ukulele stand too. That's why we wanted to put it to the package. A little things like this is great idea to give more packaging opening experience to the customer.


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