Take away

2016 / Packaging Design, Structure Design, Branding Design


Messing fast food

Fast food is difficult to eat and makes it easy to cause a mess. The food also cools down quickly when you’re taking it away. My goal was to design a solution to both problems and design a good-looking takeaway package set for the Hello American Diner restaurant. Hello American Diner has a focus on 50's American style interiors, and they sell burgers named after the different cities of USA.

Concept Design, Individually project



The graphics follow the distinctive design Hello American diner already has: the pink color from the website and the ball graphics with 50's flair. I placed the company's logo in the middle of the cover.

The structure was inspired by matchboxes and plates. The fries stay warm inside the packaging. The burger is easy and clean to eat because the package can be used as a plate once opened.​​

Photos by Sonja Ovaskainen


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