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Working partners: Veera Somerpalo, Essi Taipale, Helli Palmgren

Service design research with Anna Koponen

Np (Naisten Pukutehdas Oy) is a family business founded in 1919 in Lahti. The current servicing pants concept is made possible by the desire to provide quality service. The quality of our products and services will be steady and will be actively monitored. Products and services are designed with the customer in mind. The design of the pants collection is based on the body types of Finnish women. Three different body types - Ella, Evita and Dina - and the FitForMe collection are meant to guarantee the right pants for everyone. Administration, design and product development work in Finland!

Despite their quality products and long history, the company felt that it was outdated. Most of the customers were older about fifty or older. The company felt the need for reform, especially for younger customers. Our team took up this challenge and worked out how and how to make the company and its products more attractive to younger customers. Based on the Service Design Survey (User Interviews, Benchmarking, Observation and Workshop), we created three scenarios, one of which was selected. I took responsibility for the service design study with Anna Koponen.


Investigations revealed that the company did not utilize Facebook except for the social media market. However, most women between the ages of 30 and 40 use social media such as Instagram and buy products online. In addition, users felt that they could not identify with the female models that the company used in its marketing. The marketing was not also uniform and the visual style varied depending on the ad and the creator of the ad.

We created a marketing strategy that took into account not only social media utilization but also the updating of the female image. The marketing story consisted of the notion that women are not one group, but that each is a different individual. The unifying factor, however, is the desire to be just who you are, strong and proudly self-strong. The social media strategy was built around this and included instructions on how to leverage new social media channels, unify your marketing style, and voice the marketing.


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