2019 / UI/UX-design, branding


Sitowise Design website

Sitowise Design launched its brand-new website this year. At the same time, the team has a need for its own brand image. My part of the project was the brand and visualizations and help my project partner with website structures. 

You can visit Sitowise Design's website at the link below.

The brand was created based on the existing Sitowise brand. It was important that the Sitowise Design could be combined with Sitowise brand, but also had its own individuality side. City Illustration combines the skills of an in-house and tells a big picture of Sitowise Design's story. Icons and infographics were also part of the project, and you can found them everywhere on the website.

Working as a Junior Designer in Sitowise Design team and the project

Design manager: Matias Halmeenmäki

Project partner: Sini Mäkinen


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