Inka Paahtimo

2018 / Branding, Visual Identity,
Packaging Design


New coffee roastery 

Inka Paahtimo is a young, Finnish-Peruvian coffee roastery in Voikkaa, Finland. They are specialized to different quite of coffees, and roasts.

The main problem was the amount of coffee. There wasn't any categorizing to different roasts. We focused to think about how the customers want to see the products, what are the most important things that you have to put the front label and how the product itself stands out from the other companies' coffees. The client wants also to keep the Peruvian feeling in the package. 

An academic project made with PAMU16 - class


    Customer needs

  • The new brand book

  • Color categorizing for coffee 

  • New logo 

  • New labels

There were a lot of problems with the previous logo's readability. 

The new logo and color palette helps the brand to stand out from the market shelves and competitors.

Nowadays the roastery is using the new visual identity.

Customers can find more easily the coffee as that needs.


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